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Love & Lamba: The effect of social media on relationships

alt="Love & Lamba: Effects of social media on relationships"

The model, “social media love” is one that glitters and is without blemish. This love is the typical Disney fairytale. It’s such type of relationships that make people shout “God when”.

Social media relationships never pass through hiccups, I don’t know if they do if “for the gram” or they genuinely really happy, but sometimes this relationship seems too good to be true.

The way this kind of relationship is portrayed “ They never fight” and they are always on vacations and all. Do not be deceived, they also go through rough patches as every healthy relationship should.

This set of people has spoiled the notion of “relationships” and has infused the wrong mindset into the brains of the people who follow them.

Their followers now think that every relationship they enter should be just the same as the “social media lovers” which they admire, thereby making them the standard of which all other people should follow.

They are a lot of bad imprints which social media has left on the dating society. Ones that are baseless assumptions with no proper backings. I’d be talking about some of them below;



Please who did the research on this? What are the statistics, what demographics did you use as a case study to arrive at this ridiculous saying? Please step forward and let us know.

I can’t believe actually believe this and would pass on dating a Yoruba person because of this saying. If it’s any comfort to you, they are demons in every tribe.



Is there anybody that doesn’t like the money? Be truthful you that’s reading this right now, dont you like money.

Igbo girls can stick with you despite your financial status. Most of the times they’re industrious and independent, why would they be overtly interested in your money.

This cliche saying should be abolished, please.

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I often hear this phrase from seemingly “jobless” people. are relationships now an employment avenue?. Why should a person have to be rich to be in a relationship?

God who created love didn’t put terms and conditions besides it, then why should we humans do?.

Love can never be bought by money, you would only attract gold diggers. True love would be attracted to you regardless of your financial status.



This is one of the worst effects of social media, people are steadily destroying their relationships because it doesn’t match the standards of their social media idols.

One memorable thing to note is, they don’t show you all that happens, they only show you the part that glitters.

Don’t compare your relationship to others, because you’re not in the same race as them, everybody understands and expresses love differently.

No relationship should be the yardstick for measuring the success of your relationship. Just Do you!.



This word has to be the most misused word in this generation, selfish people have chosen this word as their facade to behave however they want to.

Only a few people know and understand the core values of feminism. All others just use this exploit people.

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This set of people always have “hot takes” on social media, and try to disrupt nature’s balance.

They all agree to equality and equity until when it involves spending money, then they leave the group chat.

My problem with this set is the misinformation they pass, and they always have huge followings, thereby leading most people astray.

Social media has advantages and also disadvantages, one has to tread carefully and choose what they learn from it. Sometimes we learn these things unconsciously because of who we follow or what we have access to, after learning these bad habits, they become deeply rooted in us, and most times they are not easy to unlearn.


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Magdalene Abiebamon
Magdalene Abiebamon
December 16, 2020 7:51 pm

Really nice write up dear, thanks for the insight… I am sure anyone reading this would be guided back to what relationships should be all about

December 16, 2020 10:29 pm

Nice write up…nice understanding on what relationships should be

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